Training Locations and Directions

Classes and Workshops Across West Cornwall

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Training in St Just - West Cornwall Dog Training Centre, TR19 7HA

From the A30 skirting around Penzance, follow the A3071 towards St Just. When you reach the outskirts of the town, continue until the road opens out into the Market Square. You will see a Warrens bakers and the Kings Arms pub in the far corner. Church Street runs between the two and continue alongside the church. I

If you are coming to a class at our Training centre or a 1 to 1, continue down Church Street, you will see a large house in front of you and it looks like a dead end, but carry on down and you will find the road opens out in to a small square - Venton East Square. You will see a stile and a metal gate immediately to your right - go into this field and then immediate right through a double wooden gate (see picture below - you will see a sign on the gate about dog training). Go through the gate and follow the short path around to the stables and training area.

If you are coming for a 1 to 1 drive right down to us and I will show you where to park. 

If you are coming for a class, once the ground dries out you are welcome to park in the training area, but often during the winter months this is often not possible so we do ask if people can park in the main town car park. As you are coming in to town, turn left before the Co-op and, follow the road for a hundred yards or so, and park in the main town car park (free parking) then walk back to the Market Square. You will see a Warrens bakers and the Kings Arms pub in the far corner. Walk down the road (Church Street) between the two and continue alongside the church.  

Further information about West Cornwall Dog Training Centre can be found here.


Training in Chacewater - High View Animal Sanctuary

Directions to High View Farm Animal Sanctuary, Creegbrawse, Chacewater, Truro
Head for Chacewater doctor's surgery (TR4 8QS) go straight past it (on your left), past Chacewater village hall on the left, past the school on the right, past the church on the left, past a massive tall wall on the left, keep going up a slight hill, and near the top, on the right you will see a wooden sign for High View (if coming from the other direction you won't see the sign). 

Turn in there, that is the driveway. Drive slowly please. Through the metal gate and turn left immediately in to the field on your left.