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Dog training seems so complicated these days, doesn’t it?
There are so many conflicting opinions to wade through on social media and tv shows.
Google your issue and you will get a whole heap of results … which one to pick?
Speak to your neighbours and your friends and you will get a lot of 'my dog' information ... is that right for YOUR dog?

This is so typical of clients that I see. Often these different sources conflict in their way of training and their attitude.
You feel like you need to be doing something, and it can be hard to curate all that information to find out what is for the best.

How confusing for you … how confusing for your dog.

Maybe it is time for a fresh approach.

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"Absolutely brilliant, really helps you think about why your dog is reacting in a certain way and to understand how best to deal with different situations."

“As usual, I learnt more than I expected. Thank you Carolyn for giving us the strength to carry on when we were at the end of our tether and also for believing in us and our ability to deal with the issues."

"Carolyn is expert trainer with a large amount if experience and a fantastic way of sharing her knowledge"

My aim is to empower YOU to help your dog.
I inspire dog owners to build the best relationship with their dog through simple foundations and well-proven problem solving principles.

Step away from traditional dog training techniques and learn the common-sense and practical skills to succeed.

More than anything, I help you build the best relationship with your dog.

And what can be better than that?


How can I help you?

My work falls in to three categories: Training 1 to 1s, Problem Solving Consultations and my Calm Down Canine Programme.

Want to find out more? Then read on.

Training 1 to 1s ... simply getting back to basics

Whether you have a puppy, teenager or adult dog, sometimes it can be good to go back to basics and do some training 1 to 1s. Some dogs, and people, don’t do well in classes, so working 1 to 1 can provide some amazing results targeted to your exact needs.

Ideal for:

Pre-puppy and new puppy – setting up for success with a new puppy including what to buy, how to welcome your puppy in to your new home, when to start training.
General puppy training – house training, puppy manners, dealing with chewing and mouthing, foundation training.
General training - coming back when called, lead training, manners.

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Problem Solving ... let's deal with those challenges now!

Sometimes you just get stuck when you find that a problem has developed with your dog's behaviour. You are not sure how to tackle it so getting professional help is the best approach. Very often with these appointments we are dealing with arousal, fearful behaviours, frustration and more.

Ideal for:

Dogs who struggle to be calm, get highly aroused around other dogs, or seem to not be listening to you.
Trouble at home including barking, frustration, multi-dog relationships, stress around car journeys.
Outside behaviours such as not coming back when called, pulling on the lead., reactivity around traffic.
Separation and anxiety issues.
Reactivity with dogs, people, traffic and more.
Rescue dogs struggling to adapt.
Puppies displaying concerning behaviours

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Calm Down Canine Programme ... getting you from can't cope to calm canine

My Calm Down Canine programme helps dogs who struggle to calm around people and other dogs. These are dogs who lunge and bark, can't settle, restrict what you can do with your life ... but it doesn't have to be that way.

Ideal for:

These are usually friendly dogs, they can be fine off lead, or have lived with another dog, but just don't know how to behave when put under pressure.  Or they may be dogs who you just don't know how they will behave around other dogs because they have not had the opportunity because of their behaviour.

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Simply put, these are LIFE CHANGING SERVICES

Are you ready for a fresh approach?

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