Does your dog have ...

Bad manners? Puppy problems? Excess energy? Behaviour challenges?

Our mission is to inspire owners and create happy dogs across Cornwall and beyond. Each dog and owner is treated as an individual. We don't offer gimmicks or 'quick fixes', just effective and reward-based training with a big emphasis on having fun and building your bond with your dog.

We love to start building a relationship with you from when you first welcome your puppy into your home, and then we can offer training and behaviour advice throughout the life of your dog.

LOCKDOWN 2021 - We will be offering ONLINE only apart from welfare cases.

Online Training Options

Training does not have to wait. If you are looking for training or behaviour help, get in contact and see what I can do to help. If I cannot help, I will know someone who can.


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Pet Professional Guild - Full Member

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Full Member