Classes and Workshops

Working in a group environment can be a great way to build on your skills. Here's what we offer:

Calm Down Club

Calm Down Club Workshops are for social dogs who struggle in certain situations, whether that be a puppy, older dog, rescue or adolescent. It's all about learning to chill out around dogs and humans. Some dogs can join straight in to these workshops, but often I have worked 1 to 1 before joining in so that you can come in to the group comfortable that you have the right skills to help you dog.  Find out more here Calm Down Canine


Tracking workshops are fun for all dogs. They love using their nose to follow the track that a person, animal or any track layer has laid, and it's pretty cool for their humans too, you can find out more here - Tracking


Coming back when called is one of the fundamental skills that your dog needs. Our workshops are set up so that you can work on the skills that you need in a group environnment. More workshops coming soon.

Other training classes

I now don't run weekly classes for life skills, puppies or agility, but I know people who do!

Vicki Main from Love Your Paws, runs group puppy and life skils classes, including classes in St Just at West Cornwall Dog Training Centre, group training walks, socialisation sessions for puppies and scentwork. You can find out out more here and contact her on this number 07773 399435.

Amanda Cain of Cain's Canines has been running agility classes for a number of years and is adding other training classes including puppy classes. You can find more here and contact her on this number 07977 569974.

There are lots of other great trainers out there. I am often asked for recommendations, so if you have found a class, but are not sure whether it is right for you, do feel free to get in touch for a quick chat.