Problem Solving for Dog Owners

A practical guide on how to problem solve your dog's behaviour

Author: Carolyn Boyd

I am writing a book, very exciting, hopefully will be soon. Read on to find out more.
I love my dogs, but let's let's be clear ... sometimes dogs can be hard work. When you picture life with your dog, your mind's eye creates the image of the perfect puppy playing with their new toy, the relaxed rescue so grateful to have been given a new chance, or the older companion relaxing at your feet. The reality is that throughout every stage of a dog's life there are likely to be challenges, and sometimes these can be pretty overwhelming. Searching Dr Internet can be confusing and contradictory. Friends helpfully give you lots of 'my dog' advice. And you won't have access to a trainer 24 hours a day who can help you with what to do as your puppy is hanging off your curtains.

So what do you do? Problem Solving for Dog Owners will take you through the steps to understand your dog's behaviour and develop an easy to follow plan:
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