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Workshops - an insight in to how they work

25/01/2023 - About what I do

Have you ever wondered what to expect from one of my workshops?

Workshops can run in lots of different ways, but I have a way that I feel really works for me and works for clients. The picture accompanying this blog does not look like the most exciting training, does it, but read on to find out why that is probably the most important part of the workshop.
My aim is for you to relax and learn in a supportive environment, and this is how we do it:
🐾 First thing to point out is that there are maximum four dogs attending (you can have more than one person with a dog). Workshops are two hours long. That means you have lots of opportunity for asking questions and working on your individual challenges.
🐾 We have a space where you can relax and we won't be disturbed, but we have access to the town if we want.
🐾 I usually will have asked you to send me a bit of information about where you are now with your dog's behaviour and what your goals are. That gives me a good idea before the workshop as to what it is that you're trying to achieve.
🐾 There is always a lot of commonality between goals and many of the exercises that we do, but we won’t simply be working through a set of repetitive exercises.
🐾 We might work on different things with each dog, rather than feeling like you're just one member of a large group doing all the same things. Even if we don't do them with your dog, you will see how they could apply to your situation.
🐾 Depending on the workshop, we will do short sessions to work with dogs individually or in different groups such as in pairs, or sometimes all four.
🐾 Feedback will come not just from me but also from other members of the group which works really well and is very supportive.
🐾 Towards the end of the workshop we will have a chat and have a think about what we have done.
🐾 You will sit down you sit down and fill in an easy plan which means you have something physical to take with you where you've noted down the things that have been useful from the workshop. So many workshops you get a wadge of information, or they just drift away. I like you to have YOUR plan, written by YOU to take away.
Here's what some clients say -
"This is our second recall workshop and as usual, I learnt more than I expected. Thank you Carolyn for giving us the strength to carry on when we were at the end of our tether and also for believing in us and our ability to deal with the issues"
"Absolutely brilliant, really helps you think about why your dog is reacting in a certain way and to understand how best to deal with different situations."
"Carolyn is expert trainer with a large amount if experience and a fantastic way of sharing her knowledge"
Workshops can be a really cost effective way of gaining important information and learning in a supportive environment.I don't run many, but the ones I do run I think are rather special.