Travel Costs for Home and Location Visits

Home and Location Visits

Where I can I am putting a ‘day out’ in the diary at least once a week, often twice. I try to put one weekday and one weekend day apart from some weeks where I am away either on holidays or on a course.  Please ask for details.

For locations further afield, 1/2 day appointments are recommended. Please see individual service pages for more information on costs and options.

Travel Costs
Living in Cornwall means that travel costs to come to you (or a location of your choice) are not as simple as mileage – you can be a few miles away and take a long time to travel, or vice versa. So travel costs are based around a formula taking into account both travel time and distance. For ease, I have divided the county (and a bit further) up in to postcodes with costs as follows: Please ask for more details when booking your appointment.
If your postcode is not on the list, let me know and I can work out a cost for you.