Welcome to Cornwall Dog Behaviour, sister to West Cornwall Dog Training, and the route to dealing with more complex behaviour issues.

Behaviour consultations are great if you want to work on particular issues or if your dog would struggle in a class. Carolyn will break down any problems into their component parts, and look at management, training and behavioural solutions that build towards your goals.

Specialising in dog to human and dog to dog reactivity, Carolyn will use modern scientific techniques to help you and and your dog with no force or fear. Carolyn is qualified with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers as a Trainer (IMDT) and a Behaviourist (IMDTB) and works with behavioural clients across Cornwall.

Click on the links below to find out more. Or to have an introductory chat call Carolyn on 07815 167247 or email [email protected] We will book a free discovery call to find out more and make sure you are offered the best option for you.